Black and White Bullwhip

An 8ft, 16 plait nylon bullwhip I finished over the weekend; going to Maryland:

Corwin's Black and White bullwhip

You can order your own here.

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Paul’s 8ft, 16 plait Nylon Bullwhip

This 8ft, 16 plait nylon bullwhip features a special handle with some fancy plait work and a nickel silver collar flanked by knots on the transition. All these features are available by request on 16 plait nylon bullwhips sold by Rhett Kelley Whips, LLC.

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Harriet’s 7ft, 12 plait Bullwhip

This bullwhip was made for a lady in Florida who likes to carry a whip while she walks through her neighborhood. She says it’s mostly to ward off strange, or aggressive dogs along her path. The order didn’t really call for it to be very fancy, but I decided to do a little something special on the handle anyway. I think it turned out nice and Harriet was very pleased.

Click here to order your own 12 plait nylon bullwhip from Rhett Kelley Whips, LLC.

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Indiana Jones Nylon Bullwhip

The Nylon Indy Style bullwhips I make have been a good selling design. Though no nylon bullwhip can ever be “screen accurate,” I do believe that nylon can be used to make one that at least gives a good impression of Dr. Henry Jones’ famed bullwhip. Several nylon whipmakers make them and each of us has our own variation on the design.

I made this bullwhip from a new shade of tan that I recently sourced. It is more of a “natural tan” and gives a nice impression of what a leather Indy whip would look like if it was brand new as seen here.

From here on out, when someone selects “tan” when ordering a nylon Indiana Jones bullwhip from, this is the color the whip will be.

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7ft Nylon Woody Bullwhip

Most of the nylon woody bullwhips I’ve made with the coral snake pattern have had a dark brown or black exotic wood handle. The gentleman who ordered this whip had me put a twist on that popular design by asking for Redheart. This was the first time I put Redheart on a coral snake pattern woody bullwhip. I am very pleased with how it turned out:


Nylon woody bullwhips are one of the more complex whip designs I make as it requires wood turning in addition to the skills involved in making a 16 plait bullwhip.

I actually made my first nylon woody prototype in 2003. After selling a few, I discontinued them. I decided to bring them back in 2009. Since then, several other makers have began producing their own nylon woody bulls.

These whips are a 16 plait design with 2 plaited bellies and a shot loaded core.

To order your own nylon woody bullwhip, visit

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Hot Seller: Rhett Kelley 12 plait Nylon Bullwhips

After going into whipmaking full time last year, I decided to offer a budget priced 12 plait nylon bullwhip. I response was better than I could have anticipated as the 12 plait model is now one of the best selling designs I offer.

Click here to check out the 12 plait nylon bullwhip page on


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4ft Bullwhips Available at Rhett Kelley Whips, LLC

ImageThose looking for 4 feet bullwhips for stage use can once again turn to

Whipmaker Rhett Kelley has decided to sell whips shorter than 5ft once again due to popular demand from performers who needed them.

Visit Rhett’s online store to order your own.

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